Guest Lecture at University of Applied Sciences Krems

Lessons from the HHA are helping to prepare the next generation of health professionals to create new, life-changing programmes. Dr Christian Steppan gave a guest lecture to the students of the Master of Applied Health Sciences at University of Applied Sciences Krems on the worldwide benefits of public private partnerships in health sciences. Dr Steppan argued that improving the health systems of partner countries improves health outcomes for individuals in need.

WHO World Hearing Day 2023

Ear and Hearing Care for all – let’s make it a reality! Happy World Hearing Day!

Today we celebrate human hearing, together with the WHO, and stress the importance of prevention and treatment of hearing loss and especially better access to hearing aid for all.

PCHR Video Workshops

The Professional Certificate in Hearing Rehabilitation (PCHR) is building a highly trained workforce of specialists in Pakistan who will support those with hearing impairment in their rehabilitation journey. In mid-January, the second session of the PCHR took place over 6 half-days of online workshops. The expert team of speech and language therapists from Pakistan shared their practical experiences with each other by analysing videos of real sessions with their patients.

Temporal Bone Workshop Lahore #2

Hands-on workshops are preparing surgeons in Pakistan for advanced procedures to restore hearing. On 16 January Ear Foundation Pakistan hosted the hands-On Temporal Bone Dissection Workshop Lahore in Audiology Centre. International experts led by Dr. Iqbal Khan from the Bradford Royal Infirmary Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust in UK trained six ENT surgeons.

PCHR Touchpoint “Educating Families”

On November 29, 2022 the first Touchpoint for the experts participating in the Professional Certificate in Hearing Rehabilitation (PCHR) focused on resources and strategies for parents of children with hearing loss in facilitating their child’s speech and language development. This is crucial in any Hearing Rehabilitation Program.

Opening Ceremony of the Hearing Healthcare Alliance

The official inauguration ceremony of the Hearing Healthcare Alliance in Pakistan took place on November 23, 2022 at Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore. Prof. Dr. Asim Iqbal, President of Ear Foundation Pakistan, and Mr. Sebastian Foidl, Area Manager at MED-EL, signed the Agreement of Cooperation.

Audiology Updates Workshop Lahore

Ten audiologists participated in the first Audiology Updates Workshop organized on November 20, 2022 by Ear Foundation Pakistan at Faletti’s Hotel Lahore and got trained on newborn hearing screening, hearing aids options, troubleshooting and learned how to deal with difficult cases.

Temporal Bone Workshop Lahore

The two days Temporal Bone dissection workshop from November 18-19, 2022 organized by Ear Foundation Pakistan at Audiology Centre Lahore consisted of Basic and Advance trainings conducted by Dr. Iqbal Khan from the Bradford Royal Infirmary Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust in UK.

Newborn Hearing Screening Training

During the four days training from November 6-9, 2022, 19 audiologists from Lahore, Bahawalpur and Gambat were trained in conducting newborn hearing screenings and diagnostics in their clinics. The training entailed theoretical background and practical hands-on sessions.

Support for Temporal Bone Workshop at Rhinocon

Ear Foundation Pakistan supported the 5th Rhinocon 2022 from October 12-14, 2022 in Islamabad with equipment for Temporal Bone Dissection trainings. During the conference nine ENT surgeons were able to participate in the trainings powered by the Hearing Healthcare Alliance.