HHA Advocates for Awareness at Lahore ENT Conference

Aligning with World Hearing Day, the Hearing Healthcare Alliance made a significant contribution to the 32nd National Conference of Otorhinolaryngology in Lahore on February 24, 2024. The conference spotlighted three panel discussions emphasising the critical need for newborn hearing screening and rehabilitation for hearing device users.

Temporal Bone Lab Training at Jinnah Hospital Lahore

Twelve ENT surgeons from Pakistan took part in a Temporal Bone Laboratory training in February. The Hearing Healthcare Alliance joined forces with the 32nd National Conference of Otorhinolaryngology to train surgeons in advanced ear surgery techniques. On February 21 and 22, 2024, Jinnah Hospital Lahore hosted this workshop where the twelve ENT surgeons honed their skills, while an additional five observers absorbed valuable insights.

45,741 Hearing Screenings!

The HHA has screened 45741 infants for hearing loss! Congratulations to all who have contributed to this incredible milestone!

Public Health Workshop in Pakistan

Hearing impairment needs a public health response because its causes and consequences are many and varied. The specialist skills needed for this task were the subject of the Public Health Planning for Hearing Impairment Workshop (PHPHI) in Pakistan held by the HHA and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Coming from across Pakistan, 12 hearing healthcare professionals attended 5 days of intensive training. They heard from 14 leading experts from Pakistan and around the world including Dr Shelly Chadha, Technical Lead for Ear and Hearing Care at the WHO.

Launch of 2nd PCHR, Karachi

Following the success of the first Professional Certificate in Hearing Rehabilitation in Pakistan, another cohort of 10 speech language pathologists started the one-year intensive training programme at Ziauddin University Karachi between 3 and 6 December.

2nd Rehab Course in Pakistan

It was a pleasure to welcome a new eleven-strong cohort to our Professional Certificate in Hearing Rehabilitation in Pakistan. The online orientation session introduced participants to each other and the MED-EL experts who will be teaching the course. The year-long programme will continue with in-person workshops in Karachi in December. This is the second PCHR course to run in Pakistan following the success of the first course in Lahore. Participants will study the theory and practice of hearing loss rehabilitation over four week-long workshops.

International Otology Workshop in Poland

Three leading ENT surgeons from Islamabad and Lahore, Dr. Azeem Aslam, Dr. Najeeb Tallat and Dr. Imran Saeed, participated in the 73rd Window Approach Workshop organized by the Institute of Physiology and Pathology of Hearing at the World Hearing Centre in Kajetany, Poland. The internationally well-known otology workshop took place on September 18-19 and was hosted by the world-renowned ENT surgeons Prof. Dr. hab. N. med., Dr. h.c. multi Henryk Skarżyński and Prof. Piotr Henryk Skarżyński, M.D., Ph.D., MSc.

“CI in Emerging Nations” Conference in Istanbul

ENT professionals from all over the world gathered in Istanbul to discuss how to improve access to hearing healthcare at the international conference “7th World Congress of Cochlear Implantation in Emerging Countries”. The Global CI Access Network hosted the 3-day conference between September 14 and 16 together with experts from all partner countries. Delegates presented on the key pillars of the Hearing Healthcare Alliance by giving examples of their implementation in their respective region.

PCHR Graduation & PCFS Start

The first one-year PCHR training program in Pakistan successfully finished between 16 and 19 July. In the fourth and final session, held in-person at the Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore, Joanna Shepherd and MaryKay Therres from MED-EL reviewed videos of the participants’ therapy sessions and discussed the outcomes of the final exam. On the last day the certificates were handed over to the graduates in a festive ceremony.

Audiology Workshop & Needs Assessment

From all over Pakistan, thirty professionals came to Lahore for the second Audiology Updates Workshop at Pearl Continental Hotel. New strategies for daily work with patients were shared over two days, and Alejandra Kontides equipped participants with the latest advances in audiological practice. The special focus was put on objective measurement methods in a fitting workflow and on the importance of understanding the intersections of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology for the successful speech development of a child.