Family Hearing Workshops in Bhutan

Families play a vital role in the rehabilitation of children with hearing impairment. This was the theme of the HHA’s recent Family curriculum workshops in Bhutan attended by 15 parents and audiologists. The trainers who had previously graduates from MED-EL’s Professional Certificate in Hearing Rehabilitation led sessions on how to build a child’s agency with ‘power words’, the role of play in rehabilitation and other ways to support the development of hearing and language.

45,741 Hearing Screenings!

The HHA has screened 45741 infants for hearing loss! Congratulations to all who have contributed to this incredible milestone!

PCHR Certificates Awarded in Bhutan

The HHA was honoured to welcome the Austrian Ambassador to Bhutan, H.E. Katarina Wieser, from Austrian Embassy New Delhi to witness our work and present the certificates from the recent Professional Certificate in Hearing Rehabilitation!

Rehab Training for Families

The families of children with hearing impairment need specialised skills to give their loved ones the best start in life. This is why the HHA has developed the Family Curriculum Workshop to give the families of children with Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants advanced techniques to support their rehabilitation.

“CI in Emerging Nations” Conference in Istanbul

ENT professionals from all over the world gathered in Istanbul to discuss how to improve access to hearing healthcare at the international conference “7th World Congress of Cochlear Implantation in Emerging Countries”. The Global CI Access Network hosted the 3-day conference between September 14 and 16 together with experts from all partner countries. Delegates presented on the key pillars of the Hearing Healthcare Alliance by giving examples of their implementation in their respective region.

Public Health Workshop for SAARC East

Systemic problems need systematic solutions. A Public Health Planning for Hearing Impairment Workshop for Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal brought together a multidisciplinary cohort to tackle the knotty challenge of hearing loss in the region. Designed and taught by Prof. Andrew Smith of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, the workshop focused on designing and implementing effective interventions into hearing loss.

Guest Lecture at University of Applied Sciences Krems

Lessons from the HHA are helping to prepare the next generation of health professionals to create new, life-changing programmes. Dr Christian Steppan gave a guest lecture to the students of the Master of Applied Health Sciences at University of Applied Sciences Krems on the worldwide benefits of public private partnerships in health sciences. Dr Steppan argued that improving the health systems of partner countries improves health outcomes for individuals in need.

WHO World Hearing Day 2023

Ear and Hearing Care for all – let’s make it a reality! Happy World Hearing Day!

Today we celebrate human hearing, together with the WHO, and stress the importance of prevention and treatment of hearing loss and especially better access to hearing aid for all.

Nepal Screening

The period from 22 to 26 November 2022 was marked by an unprecedented event in Nepal. 

The official ceremony celebrated the handing over of one diagnostic and two newborn screening devices to the ENT department of Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital. The special significance of the event was emphasized by the presence of the dean of the Institute of Medicine, Prof. Dr. Divya Singh Shah, and the campus chief, Prof. Dr. Arjun Prasad Lamichhane.

Bhutan Diagnostic Devices

The 18th November 2022 and the following three days became significant dates for the Bhutanese hearing healthcare development. To support the hearing healthcare system two diagnostic devices were handed over to the ENT/Audiology department of JDWNRH in Thimphu.