PCHR Graduation & PCFS Start

The first one-year PCHR training program in Pakistan successfully finished between 16 and 19 July. In the fourth and final session, held in-person at the Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore, Joanna Shepherd and MaryKay Therres from MED-EL reviewed videos of the participants’ therapy sessions and discussed the outcomes of the final exam. On the last day the certificates were handed over to the graduates in a festive ceremony.

Audiology Workshop & Needs Assessment

From all over Pakistan, thirty professionals came to Lahore for the second Audiology Updates Workshop at Pearl Continental Hotel. New strategies for daily work with patients were shared over two days, and Alejandra Kontides equipped participants with the latest advances in audiological practice. The special focus was put on objective measurement methods in a fitting workflow and on the importance of understanding the intersections of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology for the successful speech development of a child.

Equipping Clinics with New-born Hearing Screening Devices

Clinics in Lahore and Gambat have added new hearing screening devices to their offerings. Between March 12 and 21 the Ear Foundation Pakistan handed over these devices to representatives of the clinics that participate in the new-born hearing screening pilot program initiated by the Hearing Healthcare Alliance.

Professional Certificate in Hearing Rehabilitation, Pakistan

Sharing the power of language was a major theme of the April PCHR in Pakistan. Speech and Language Therapists from Pakistan workshopped techniques to improve the communication and life experience of children with hearing impairment over six days with the guidance of MED-EL’s in-house rehab experts. Each participant shared a video of a real therapy session which the course then deconstructed minute by minute according to cutting-edge scientific principles.

PCHR Video Workshops

The Professional Certificate in Hearing Rehabilitation (PCHR) is building a highly trained workforce of specialists in Pakistan who will support those with hearing impairment in their rehabilitation journey. In mid-January, the second session of the PCHR took place over 6 half-days of online workshops. The expert team of speech and language therapists from Pakistan shared their practical experiences with each other by analysing videos of real sessions with their patients.