Public Health Workshop in Pakistan

Hearing impairment needs a public health response because its causes and consequences are many and varied. The specialist skills needed for this task were the subject of the Public Health Planning for Hearing Impairment Workshop (PHPHI) in Pakistan held by the HHA and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Coming from across Pakistan, 12 hearing healthcare professionals attended 5 days of intensive training. They heard from 14 leading experts from Pakistan and around the world including Dr Shelly Chadha, Technical Lead for Ear and Hearing Care at the WHO.

New-born Hearing Screening for Karachi

Four experts from Ziauddin Hospital Karachi will expand new-born hearing screening services in Pakistan’s most populace city. Over a week of training from various experts including Dr Nadeem Mukhtar, Dr Nouman Shah, Dr Mehdi Muntazar Raza, and Amber Rashid, the participants gained the skills to conduct the new-born hearing screening pilot programme in the city. At the conclusion of the training, the hospital was presented with both hearing screening and diagnostic devices.

World Hearing Day 2023 Benin

“We have exceeded everything that was planned,” Head of ENT at CHCHU, Prof Adjababi Wassi, told the attendees of World Hearing Day 2023 in Benin. The Professor congratulated all who had contributed to the pilot new-born hearing screening programme with the support of the HHA. Prevention and early intervention were also major themes of World Hearing Day 2023 in Benin.