World Hearing Day 2023 Tanzania

Awareness of hearing impairment is a major goal of the HHA; it supports public health policy and empowers people to access care. World Hearing Day 2023 in Tanzania was another chance for the HHA to collaborate with Muhimbili National Hospital in Dar-Es-Salaam to spread the message that “ear and hearing care is for all.”

Opening Temporal Bone Lab & Otology Training Hub in Tanzania

Continuing to grow the skill base of ENT surgeons in East Africa, the HHA opened a Temporal Bone Laboratory (TBL) at the Muhimbili National Hospital in Tanzania on 17 February 2023. The TBL will enable workshops on advanced surgical procedures for the delicate bones in and around the ear, including hearing implants. Alongside the opening ceremony, the first such workshop provided twelve surgeons with hands-on experience dissecting the temporal bone.